Waykap is concerned with guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the products sold through its portal, with the aim of generating peace of mind for its customers.

Waykap suggests that you thoroughly review the product when you receive it and carefully read the instructions for use printed on the inside of the products or on the external labels. The guarantee does not cover damages caused by improper use.

The invoice sent is the proof of originality and suitability of the acquired products, therefore keep it as it is essential for making any claim.

Waykap is not responsible for the items that are intended to be returned by the client ,until they have arrived to our offices. Once received, Waykap will review the returned product and issue a concept via e-mail to the client, regarding its conclusions about the status of the product sent for return. If Waykap considers that the product presents a manufacturing defect, it will offer the refund of the money paid for said defective product or replace it with another of the same characteristics.

The maximum term for any claim or return is five (5) business days, counted from the date of receipt of the product by the customer. The date of receipt will be the one that appears on the document of the transporter that delivered the merchandise, where the date and time of receipt by the customer is recorded.

The customer must return the product by the same means and in the same conditions in which he received it, during said period (5 days) assuming the shipping costs and any other cost that entails the return of the goods.