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Kids inspire us!
With their curious and creative minds, their constant occurrences and their simplicity, kids are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our work. In Waykap!
we take those attributes and combine them with avant-garde materials and Swiss design standards, to offer innovative products that accompany our children throughout their early years.

Ultra light, flexible and original
Built with avant-garde material (an evolution of neoprene) these backpacks are very light, soft and flexible. Their exclusive Swiss design makes them truly unique.

Ergonomic straps
The wide and comfortable shoulder straps copy the shape of shoulders and back, ensuring a perfect grip.

No hanging straps
The exclusive internal adjustment system gives these backpacks a clean, safe and practical look.

Eco-firendly, free of toxic materials
At the forefront of environmental care, they are the safest option for children.

Easy to wash, even with machine
A short cycle in the washing machine and they are ready to use again.

Can also be used to carry food
The thermal properties of the material allow dual use as backpack and as a lunch bag. 

Original and fun 3D designs
Fun animals and motifs made with superimposed layers, result in original designs with 3D effect.

Designed for the little ones
Specially designed for children to use during their early school years.

Thermic, flexible & ultra-light
Its avant-garde material makes it very light, soft and insulating.

Can either keep food warm or cold
Can be used for both cold and hot foods and includes and included internal and external pockets for ice pack, cutlery, etc.

Easy to wash, even with machine
Just a short cycle in washing machine and they are ready to use again.

Eco-friendly, free of toxic materials
Made of 100% toxic free (no PVC, BPA or lead) materials.

Original and fun 3D designs
Fun motifs made with superimposed layers, result in original designs with 3D effect.

Safe and practical
Due to its composition, design and functionality, it’s an ideal companion for children’s picnic.

Practical and effective
They protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and avoid the need of repeated sunscreen applications throughout the day.

Ultra fast drying
Dry much faster than cotton t-shirts and can also be worn outside the water.

It’s the best and most economical alternative to the repeated use of sunscreen.

Multiple uses
Children can use them not only at the beach or the pool, but also during any outdoor activities.

Suitable for washing machine
If they get stained, just a short cycle in the automatic machine and they are again ready to use.

High quality technical fabric 
Breathable, durable and elastic, it absorbs moisture from the body and expels it, keeping the skin dry for longer periods of time.

Ultra-compact and light
Very light, compact and easy to carry: it occupies 3.6 times less space than a traditional towel.

Fast and higienic drying
Dries 1.5 times faster than cotton towels and prevents the formation of fungi, even if wet for long periods of time.

Super absorbent
Its modern microfiber composition makes it highly effective for absorbing liquids.

Suitable for washing machine
Just a short cycle in a washing machine and it’s again ready to use.

Elastic design
The attractively designed elastic band can also used for folding or hanging the towel.

ID Tag
Easily identify your towel with your name and contact information to prevent it from getting lost.

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